BURIER - Wielding Malignity CD

BURIER - Wielding Malignity CD

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Burier IV - Wielding Malignity - an auditory altar, forged to conjure a series of surreal, blood drenched nightmares, permeated by abstract and otherworldly expressions of rage, pain, and horror.

Originally planned in concept as 7" format, the material overflowed and the result is a 12 track 40min full length release.

Recorded at the end of the Australian summer MMXX, Burier IV is comprised of tracks that are short in length and aggressive in nature, bursting forth with a sharpened edge.

Burier IV could be considered a conceptual anomaly, yet is undeniably congruous with the Burier catalog of recordings so far, employing similar palettes of darkly coloured, complex instrumentation and tortured, shrieking vocals, dynamically pulsating, here wielded with a heightened sense of ferocity.

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