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For fans of well-played, original Thrash Metal 1988’s “Neurodeliri” is a must.
1988 seemed the right time for the world to finally see Bulldozer like they deserved to be, no more a Venom tribute band, but rather a truly peculiar band with its very own brand of music.

In the light of these reflections, “IX” marked definitely a 180-degrees turn from the past, more than it did music-wise. It was finally the moment for the Milanese crew to ride their wave of popularity, maybe the band members expected it to be the best year for the band’s career so far.

But then, in April, co-founder and former bassist Dario Carria committed suicide and complicated everything. AC Wild and mainly Andy Panigada were bewildered by the news, as fans were, and profoundly struck. Still, they managed to channel all the emotions of that tragedy in the songwriting for the follow-up to their breakthrough album “IX”, which incidentally would be their last full-length after their dissolution on good terms in 1990.

“Neurodeliri” was Bulldozers last studio-album until they reformed in 2008, and given the undoubted high quality of it and of all their previous albums, one might ask himself why they never really achieved more than just a certain cult status.

The reason is probably that Bulldozer were never keen on success and popularity, as they never compromised about their sound when most other Thrash Metal bands wimped out or changed their style at the end of the 80s when Thrash Metal became less popular.

Limited edition, 200 copies on Transparent Red Vinyl with insert

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