ATONEMENT - Merciless Blasphemy MCD

ATONEMENT - Merciless Blasphemy MCD

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One of the most literally explosive young bands in the nowadays metal underground, ATONEMENT are a trio of Swedes whose average age is 16 years old. Indeed, despite such youth, ATONEMENT are steeped in the ancient essence of thrashing death metal circa 1987. Bubbling forth from their cauldron of nastiness are the likes of early Destruction, Sepultura, Possessed, Death, Sweden's Morbid, Germany’s Poison, and Chile’s Pentagram. Merciless Blasphemy is thus aptly titled, for each of these five songs whips forth a filth & fury quite unlike anything else around. The deathrash idiom may be firmly in place, but the sound and especially feeling across these 18 minutes is simply OTHERWORLDLY…

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Helter Skelter Prod. 2021

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