ANAL VOMIT - Depravation CD

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Osmose Productions is very proud to present one of the most depraved, full of insanity metal of Death & Black metal from Peru.
Re-issue, with great updated layout, with the original sound from the tape recording.

After releasing the hit debut album "Demoniac Flagellations" in 2004, this group of Peruvian alcoholics evoked us to drink and write music for this insane new album. For those who never heard of us in the past, we play a mix of Black, Thrash and fast Death Metal, in the vein of old South American devils like Sarcofago Sepultura, Vulcano and American line like Morbid Angel, Death, Deicide.
Well, they can only hear a lot of wicked metallic chaos. If you're looking for a dose of energy and hate to mosh your bedroom walls when it plays underground, remember to thank me for this recommendation after listening to this album! The drummer here mercilessly thrashes throughout the entire album, the bassist/vocalist executes well both the 4-string desecration works and the throat torments, reminiscent of the era of "I.N.R.I." Wagner Antichrist himself!
The guitarist delivers not only fast and furious riffs, but also fucking aggressive solos! If you expected these Peruvian blasphemers to pity your ears by providing clean productions, you were sorely mistaken! This album has raw anal(og) production straight out of Peruvian hell! Some of the songs here are performed in their native languages, and some are sung in raw-as-life English, but I guess the lyrics you won't understand aren't much of a loss, as the (really!) strong side of this product it's merciless music! It's abundantly clear why this album got a huge vinyl release from From Beyond! With cover artwork done by Spanish master Juanjo Castellano.
A must have in your collection!

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Osmose Prod. 2023

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