ANAL VOMIT - Demoniac Flagellations CD

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Anal Vomit hails from Peru & South America land of die-hard metalmaniacs and bands such as: Mortuorio, Hadez, Mortem, Sepultura, Mutilator, Sarcofago, Pentagram, Sadism.

It's all here. The alcohol-drenched dementia of rapid-fire blast beats, some truly Wagner Antichrist-worshipping high screeches and poseur-scorching demonic growls, complete and utter devastation of everything Christian, riffs the conjure up spiked demons from hell raping angels in front of the Virgin Mary while she herself is being desecrated by the throbbing distorted bass.

This is exactly what you would expect by a bunch of mentally-fucked Peruvians standing in a graveyard carrying on the tradition that "I.N.R.I." set upon this Christian world over two decades ago.

Osmose Productions is very proud to present one of the most depraved, full of insanity metal of Death & Black metal from Peru.
Re-issue, with great updated layout, with the original sound from the tape recording.

Jewelcase CD

Osmose Prod. 2023

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