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Sentinel is the first album in which the artist unfolded his personal version of what “true” Black Metal is, meaning a warrior-like album that delved into aggressive darkness and dissonance.

It was supposed to present the Spectral Lore sound in its extremes, hence the 27 minute Ambient song in the end.

By separating the elements, Ayloss focused on exploring them in a more monochromatic way. During the course of the album, there is a noticeable course from dissonance to consonance and from oppressive darkness to an epic, triumphant feeling that culminates in “My Ascension into the Celestial Spheres“.

Lyrically, it is a coming of age story in a cosmic level that ends with finding a clear transcendental purpose out of life.

98% Black Metal album of the year. Spectral Lore's 'Sentinel' is by far the finest black metal record I've heard this year. Nothing comes close to touching the diversity of the songs arrangements, the brilliant, epic and mesmerizing nature of the whole thing and the fact that is was created by just one individual seems impossible, but it is. You'd do well to check this one out, because I'd imagine like most of his releases its probably limited and won't be around forever... (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

This is not simply music, this is art at its most pure and those with a taste for intelligent, passionate extreme music will treasure this wonderful release for many years to come. ‘Sentinel’ is, quite simply, an outstanding record. (Sonic Abuse)

Re-mastered, first vinyl pressing ever, including brand new art.

Limited to 200 copies worldwide.

Exclusive olive green color pressing for distributors.

  • Gatefold sleeve printed on thick 425gsm Frovi stock cardboard, presenting the brand new art from Vojtech Doubek ("Moonroot Art"; Kalmankantaja, Mare Cognitum, etc.) at full size’s magnificence.
  • 23x46cms fold-out poster printed over 180gr art-paper.
  • 180gr heavy-weight vinyl.
  • Vinyls come inside black-inked polylined paper bags.
  • Remastered in New York by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, etc.) of Menegroth Studios.

Throne Records 2022

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