SHOW OF BEDLAM - Transfiguration LP

SHOW OF BEDLAM - Transfiguration LP

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Show of bedlam are a Canadian avantgarde doom metal band from Montreal who are impossible to truly define and pretty much sound like nothing else out there – and are now about to unleash their mind-boggling second full-length album titled Transfiguration. Simply put, Transfiguration is terrifying. It is a bleak, unforgiving, and absolutely mindless assault on the senses. It could be the suffocating atmospheres, the obsessive-sounding songwriting, the discordant and humiliatingly crushing guitars, or vocalist Paulina Richards’ absolutely nightmarish vocal delivery that have made this album so absurd and unsettling, we will not truly fully ever know, but what we do now for sure is that Transfiguration is downright fucking horrifying. It is in many ways a “deviated” work, and it is disturbing to an extent that will leave you speechless, all while being majestic, grandiose, and sinister in the most beautiful way at the same time.

Ltd. 300 copies on black vinyl.

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