VIRUS (UK) - Force Reckon LP (SPLATTER) (Preorder)

VIRUS (UK) - Force Reckon LP (SPLATTER) (Preorder)

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Brighton-born quartet Virus, sported a sound that originally had a fair bit in common with the faster and darker approach of Sodom and Kreator, and developed a reputation as being the U.K.'s answer to trailblazing progressive thrashers Voivod!

Virus will likely never see the same level of exposure that the average North American and German thrash act of the 80s enjoyed, but their back catalogue deserves more attentive ears and banging heads, and those who complain that thrash metal is too stylistically limited should be the first in line!

Re-issue of Virus' 1988 second album Force Recon on CLEAR/GREEN SPLATTER vinyl!

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