UNTO OTHERS - Don`t Waste Your Time (Complete) LP

UNTO OTHERS - Don`t Waste Your Time (Complete) LP

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This new version of 'Don't Waste Your Time' unifies parts I & II. In addition to the songs that were previously only released on the limited exclusive 'Don't Waste Your Time II' single the release contains new packaging, lyric booklet plus completely new artwork, a drawn implementation of the original cover, by Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustration) which now  seamlessly fits into the band's other album artworks (Mana, Strength).

1. Blade And The Will
2. By Way Of Kingdom
3. Can You Hear The Rain
4. Time Crushes All
5. I Feel Nothing
6. It Doesn't Really Matte
7. Puppy Love

Ltd. 200x 180g black vinyl LP. Solid sleeve with inside printed artwork, 12" booklet, black paper inner sleeve with a protective layer, and a designed download card for the digital album.

Eisenwald 2022

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