TEITANBLOOD - Seven Chalices 2LP

TEITANBLOOD - Seven Chalices 2LP

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DEATH METAL spews forth in a cataract of black blood as TEITANBLOOD release their debut "Seven Chalices", From the entrails of Unspeakable Gods invoked from rituals gone intentionally awry, from perverse astronomy and stars aligned towars alarm, the disfigured cadavers hanging in praise next to the skinned Lamb vomit vermin ecstasy of Death and the shameful failure of the light.
A monument of horrid Death Metal, as macabre as it is disgusting. Obscene violence and suffocating atmospheres entangled in multiple poisoned layers of perception... heretic and perverse scriptures deranged over 16 pages of bottomless perdition. A menacing experience rooted in an ancient past, yet a renewal by its burning extremism.

Double black vinyl LP. Comes with 16-page, A4 sized booklet containing drawings and writings in a multitude of languages.

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