STORMKEEP - Tales Of Othertime LP (MARBLE)

STORMKEEP - Tales Of Othertime LP (MARBLE)

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Sounding more like where symphonic, riff-driven black metal was heading in 1998 (just before everything got modern in the face of the new millennium), Stormkeep's debut full-length album Tales of Othertime takes on the more epic, indulgent qualities pre-millennium black metal but with a modern wisdom and studied stylistic understanding which only truly comes with time. Using this as a springboard for the band's own concept, Tales of Othertime fully unveils the Eldic myth atop which the band crafts their art. Taking place in the kingdom of Elda (don't worry, the release comes with a map), Stormkeep's approach to high fantasy, paired with the legendary Les Edwards' art, pairs perfectly with their own "fantastical dungeon metal symphonia."


  • fullcolored jacket, flooded black inside
  • black poly-lined innersleeves
  • booklet with lyrics, info and impressions
  • fold-out map
  • insert with d/l code for bandcamp
  • plastic protection sleeve
  • 180g claret violet marble vinyl

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