POWER FROM HELL - Profound Evil Presence LP

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Blackened thrash from Brazil is your thing? Then prepare to get possessed by a “Profound Evil Presence”, the latest effort unleashed by South-American horde Power from Hell. Power from Hell have definitely steered away from their early beginnings, but are still a black metal band through and through.
While the band name was inspired by Onslaught, the songs and lyrics have always been inspired by early Bathory. Influences have grown to include names like Mgla, Ascension, Cult of Fire and so on, and on their last EP 'Blood N' Spikes’ the band started showing a more obscure side. On ‘Profound Evil Presence’, the lyrical themes, the riffs, the cover artwork and the sound make the album a lot more poetic and conceptual than the last one.
The cover artwork deserves a special mention, it was contributed by Wellington Backer, and is meant to show a special representation of hell, a chaotic place with a terrible evil presence in its centre, hinting at all the different forms of evil torment that human beings have to suffer through in real life.
If you like traditional Black Metal with all the elements that define the genre, this album is for you!

Ltd. to 150 copies on black vinyl incl. lyric sheet and poster.

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