NECROT - The Labyrinth LP

NECROT - The Labyrinth LP

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Necrot is a three-piece Death Metal band based in Oakland, California. They play a unique style of old-school death metal with a crust punk edge, employing unexpected time changes and an interesting variety of rhythms. While most "new-old-school" death metal bands don't deviate much from the blueprint laid out by the genres pioneers, namely Autopsy, Death, Entombed, Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower, Necrot manage to stand out from the rest of the pack and prove that there is still room for innovation in this kind of music. This of course doesn't mean you won't hear the influence of bands like Sepultura, Grave, Dismember and maybe a bit of Utopia Banished-era Napalm Death in their music, but once your ears are assaulted by their exceptionally grisly and agonized growls as well as their very distinct guitar tone (which sounds like a vacuum sucking up gravel, or a power-saw grinding through bone, or maybe an avocado pit getting stuck in the garbage disposal) you'll be too dumbfounded by Necrot's sheer brutality to care about their influences. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out “The Labyrinth” – their first LP-release from 2016 compiling their demos:

Tracks 1-2 are taken from the "Necrot" demo tape

Tracks 3-5 are taken from the "Into The Labyrinth" demo tape.

Tracks 6-8 are taken from the "The Abyss" demo tape.

These Oakland Death Metallers are quickly gaining speed, and popularity across the world. If you're wondering why, well, there is no need to at all. Crush your brain into submission with this awesome release!

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