NECROT - Blood Offerings LP

NECROT - Blood Offerings LP

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Comprised of former members of bands Acephalix, Vastum, and Atrament amongst others, Necrot proudly wear their influences and seek to boldly take the style where few bands dare follow. Necrot seemingly pay homage to old Bolt Thrower and Autopsy. Their album "Blood Offerings" transcends tribute and aligns them with the greats of the niche. There are terrific hooks in each song on "Blood Offerings", and it’s likely that any metal fan will just pick this up, play it, and headbang along to the quality music on tap.
Bolt Thrower played a simple, but highly aesthetic style of death metal. Necrot refreshes the template with a slew of quality, catchy riffs and accessible song structure that sounds quite original.
The guitars are in front of the mix – gritty, fuzzy and downtuned like Finnish death metal guitar in the heyday of Finnish death metal. There’s not a bad track in Necrot’s body of work on "Blood Offerings". Pick this up in whatever media available and cherish the style that made bands like Bolt Thrower legendary in its own time. This is a can’t miss!
This debut-album from NECROT earned the #29 spot on Billboard’s Hard Rock Chart and #52 on Billboard’s New Artist Chart upon its first week of release in addition to earning year-end accolades from the likes of Decibel Magazine and Revolver!

Tankcrimes Records, gatefold cover

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