LETHAL PRESENCE - Unholy Alliance CD

LETHAL PRESENCE - Unholy Alliance CD

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Lethal Presence stormed on the Toronto thrash metal scene from 1984 to 1988. Most notably they took part to the seminal proto-death metal manifesto "Raging Death" LP alongside SADUS, XECUTIONER (pre-Obituary), R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre-Atheist) and BETRAYEL. This CD compiles their seminal "Unholy Alliance" Demo from 1986, mastered from the original tape, and four other never before heard tracks from 1985/1986, one of which featuring Rick Nemes from INFERNAL MAJESTY/RAPID TEARS on drums. After Lethal Presence demise in 1988 Bobby Sadzak went on with SLAUGHTER/STRAPPADO with whom he re-recorded a couple of old Lethal Presence tunes, on this CD in their primal version. This CD version follows the successful release of the LP version and includes 1 bonus track not present on vinyl.

Jewelcase CD, 500 copies pressed.

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