KROH - Altars LP *

KROH - Altars LP *

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"Kroh serve up gothic doom from the UK's midlands where such things began in the first place. These days I treat the whole doom subgenre with a lot of scepticism. There are so many bands popping up claiming to be the next big thing, with their fuzzy guitars and recycled Sabbath riffs. Most of what I hear is totally boring and dilutes the offering. Especially if the sludge or crust elements sneak in - in which case it all too quickly becomes a case of all texture no content. I am delighted to present the best refutation I have heard this year of all of my above points - ‘Altars', the second full length from Kroh. The sound is warm and rich, with fuzzy, stoned-out guitar tones. The bass is driving and the vocals from ‘new vocalist' Oliwia are absolutely top drawer. Of course it comes down to the songs and I am happy to report that Kroh deliver time after time. We have memorable grooves, killer riffs, great build up and release moments and choruses you that will get the stiffest necks moving again. There really isn't a high point to this record - just press play and do the whole thing again. Love it." - Eternal Terror

Hand numbered, limited to 200 standard weight black vinyl. With lyric sheet and sticker.

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