INSANE - The Dungeon Taxpes MC

INSANE - The Dungeon Taxpes MC

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Swedish thrashers INSANE are celebrating their 10th anniversary in their hometown Kristinehamn on October 19th, 2019. A special limited tape release of all their demos has been compiled especially for this event. The tape will be available exclusively at the show and via Duplicate Records.

Limited to 50 copies on black cassette and 50 copies on white cassette.

Spiritual Possession demo 2015 (1-3)
Full Time Thrasher compilation track 2015 (4)
Unreleased tracks 2012 (5-7)
Hollow Death demo 2012 (8-11)
Death Race demo 2011 (12-14)
Facebreakers demo 2010 (15-17)

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="" seamless><a href="">The Dungeon Tapes by INSANE</a></iframe>

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