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Ingranaggi Della Valle is a relatively new Italian prog rock band. In 2013 they released their debut called In Hoc Sogno, which was very much a jazz rock/prog album that's not too terribly different from Area or Arti + Mestieri (the latter's influence, no doubt, helped by the presence of violin from Marco Gennarini). In 2016 came Warm Spaced Blue, in which the band witnessed a lineup change. Marco Gennarini, keyboardist Mattia Liberati, guitarist Flavio Gonnellini, and drummer Shanti Coluvvi from the old lineup now include additional keyboardist Alessandro Di Sciullo, Antonio Coronato on bass, and Davide Savarese on vocals. Thanks to this lineup change, the band's has changed drastically, to a much more complex form of progressive rock. The jazz rock influence has been minimized, the vocals are now in English. and the music frequently has a darker vibe to it. Musically, now it has a lot more in common with the likes of King Crimson, Rock in Opposition (RIO), Änglagård, and bit of Gentle Giant and perhaps Anekdoten. The album is packed full of great organ, synth, and Mellotron work. While the guests on In Hoc Sogno were Mattias Olsson from Änglagård and David Jackson from Van der Graaf Generator and Osanna, on this one, Fabio Pignatelli of Goblin makes an appearance here. From listening to this CD it's really hard to believe it's the same band that created In Hoc Sogno, well sorta, since the group now includes a new vocalist, an additional keyboardist, and a bassist (no bassist was on In Hoc Sogno). It's the direction they moved. You expect a continuation of In Hoc Sogno, but not at all. So if you enjoyed that one, this one will be quite a shock, but what a pleasant shock. If you're looking for some great, new, challenging prog rock, this album is totally recommended!

Gatefold LP with booklet.

Black Widow records 2016.

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