IMPURE CONSECRATION - Succumb to Impurity Fire 7"EP

IMPURE CONSECRATION - Succumb to Impurity Fire 7"EP

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A power trio hailing from the United States, IMPURE CONSCECRATION play occult death metal that's firmly rooted in ancient traditions whilst remaining wholly modern. References to be made are classic Morbid Angel, The Chasm, Vital Remains, and Angelcorpse, but this early on in their career, IMPURE CONSCECRATION brim with a confidence of craft that belies their young age as a band. Very aptly titled, Succumb to Impurity Fire comprises two tracks of throttling, twisting Metal of Death majesty, and also serves as a delicious teaser for the band's forthcoming debut album for BLOOD HARVEST.

Ltd. to 120 copies on black vinyl.

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