HELLERUIN - Devils, Death and Dark Arts LP

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The second album of Dutch solo black metal project Helleruin.

Helleruin is marching onward! Gaining more and more appraisal and popularity since the release of the first demo, followed by the excellent full-length “War Upon Man” and a demo with De Gevreesde Ziekte, Carchost (who is playing all instruments) is back with another spawn of this excellent Dutch underground act. Both on his records as well as live Helleruin gains more and more momentum and is a force to be reckoned with. And deservedly so because “Devils, Death and Dark Arts” is a sublime conjuration.

You can expect devil fuelled black metal injected straight out of the nineties. No experimentation, no shizzles and frizzles, just pure dark art in vain of Taake and Gorgoroth and even a pinch of Cirith Gorgor. Music doesn’t have to be original as long as it contains solid tracks. And with “Devils, Death and Dark Arts” this is certainly the case with its six haunting tracks spawned straight out of the pits of hell itself.

With a fitting production that is dark, filthy and gritty yet doesn’t leave any details out this is one of the best black metal releases in 2023.

Ltd. black vinyl LP

New Era Prod. 2023

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