GRIFTEGÅRD - Solemn Sacred Severe CD

GRIFTEGÅRD - Solemn Sacred Severe CD

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Sweden’s Griftegård may just combine religiously-themed lyrics, minimalistic but whale-heavy riffs and incredibly emotive vocals into what a prog-less While Heaven Wept might just sound like, but it is their attention to detail and singular vision that will truly make them unique among their peers. If this doesn’t already pique the curiosity of your doom senses, know also that debut full-length Solemn, Sacred, Severe is a well-constructed, masterfully produced and utterly fresh take on epic doom’s most revered traits.
Solemn, Sacred, Severe is the kind of album that doom fans would rejoice about if doom fans were the kind of people to rejoice. Instead, let them feign mild excitement over what Griftegård has provided with their debut, which is quite a lot.

Digipack CD

Ván Records 2009

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