DRASTUS - La Croix De Sang LP

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In the raw and aggressive sounding style of black metal the French underground scene has established a unique method since the beginning of the millennium. This form of musical expression is diverse and disassociated itself from the Scandinavian black metal style, and France has produced some of the best and respectable bands in terms of quality. The French black metal scene is a forward thinking mechanism that found its originality within their musical direction. With bands such as Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Antaeus and Seth in particular, which have applied new creativity and seemingly re-defined the future sound of what so called black metal music. Beside the fundamental and the unorthodox wave of black metal the French underground scene has also acquired certain traits that later on became distinguished by technical skills, with their effectual sense of dissonance.

La Croix de sang is an occult black metal album that amalgamate the elements of dissonance with tremolo pickings. Drastus musical idiosyncrasy is close to bands such as Aosoth and Antaeus, the abrasive guitar riffs on the album and the dynamic role of the drummer Sad acts as the mechanical and the driving force of the album. That is mainly outlined by the malevolent riffs and blast beats, La Croix de sang is a complex album dominated by sophisticated style of drumming that is splendidly performed by blast beats and highly spirited by the extraordinary guitar work.

With six full tracks and a short ambient interlude presented with obscure aura, Drastus’ interpretation of black metal reflects the opaque nature of the band from the dark aura which surrounds the album. Crawling Fire is a menacing track defined by its frightening atmosphere of the menacing riffs and high pitched vocals. The most engrossing aspect of La Croix de sang is the thrilling moments which captures the listener with its dark and haunting contents. While melodies are presented on tracks like The Crown of Death, the amalgamation of clean vocals coalesce with the intricate drums that transmute this track into a grisly and nightmarish soundtrack.

The wicked tunes of Occisor breaks free with torrential waves of dissonance and interweave with ceremonial chants that later on shifts into a forbidding aura. The closing Constrictor Torrents is built upon many layers and steadily it maintains its depth but it also includes many dark passages. Drastus avoids repetitions the songs are mostly weaved of several compositions which are mainly dark. La Croix de sang is one of the best black metal albums of the year 2019.

180g black vinyl in gatefold sleeve with insert

Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2019

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