DEUS MORTEM - Kosmocide LP

DEUS MORTEM - Kosmocide LP

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The Polish black metal scene has been revealed to the world, and deservedly so. So many great bands that brought a new voice and vision to black metal have made a name for themselves in the past decade and Deus Mortem is no exception.
Six years since their excellent debut the poles are back with an album that far surpasses their first opus in almost every way. “Kosmocide” is best described as brief but sweet, it’s a perfectly balanced album with the right amount of meaty and lengthy tracks, much like their previous full length the band gives you just enough to satisfy your black metal itches while also letting you wanting more in a good way. At 42 minutes the band successfully manages to do everything they want without resorting to filler or weird experiments.
The music is as good as those in the know with Deus Mortem can expect, this album sounds simultaneously vintage and current without feeling disjointed, all the major hallmarks of classic true cult black metal are here, including a grim and gritty production in the best possible way. The main standout is the guitar work by founder and front man Necrosodom and second guitarist Sinister, the layered, dissonant and melodic wall of sound that Deus Mortem first displayed in their debut is in full display and stronger than ever, the album has a chaotic and melodious sound that is reminiscent of classic Norwegian albums like early Gorgoroth but with much more developed musicianship.
This album is a great display from a promising band of a very well acclaimed scene.

Black vinyl LP in gatefold cover with insert.

Malignant Voices / Terratur Possessions 2020

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