DÄNG - Tartarus: The Darkest Realm 2LP

DÄNG - Tartarus: The Darkest Realm 2LP

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Set to a bleak and harrowing narrative, Däng's "Tartarus: The Darkest Realm" is a progressive metal / hard rock concept record detailing some of the inhabitants of the pit of Hades in Greek mythology. The darkly melodic vocals, howling ambient touches, and old-school riffs set this band apart from modern hard rock. Throughout 7 unique prog-metal entries, Tartarus is detailed vividly in loud and often brutal fashion. A compelling blend of Greek mythology, progressive idealism and gritty, dark rock / metal. An album that dwells in the borders of progressive, doom and heavy rock.

Limited to 500 copies, this is a high quality vinyl edition with glossy laminated gatefold cover, a huge poster and double vinyl with one side etched.

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