CULT OF FIRE - Moksha / Nirvana 2LP

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Czech Black Metal collective Cult of Fire have never been ones to follow the stereotypical path.

Whereas much, if not most, Black Metal styles itself as adversarial – not surprising considering the genre’s rebellious roots – Cult of Fire have always seem less concerned with pushing back against the outside world and more focussed on exploring their own inner world, taking instead their inspiration from Buddhist teachings and Vedic mysticism.

In their own way, of course, this makes them just as iconoclastic as the most rabidly anti-Christian of tremolo-abusers, except that instead of seeking to define themselves by what they’re against, Cult of Fire seek only to define (or redefine) who they are, their true spiritual selves.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising then that the band’s latest musical exploration  comprises a double-disc duology of scorching sounds and meditative moodscapes, as we all know that the search for wisdom is both endless and eternal, and knows no bounds.

Of course, the basic elements – the buzzing, tremolo guitars, the rapid, bone-rattling percussion, the savage, cathartic vocals – still root the band firmly in the musical traditions of Black Metal, but their more progressive proclivities and epic inclinations, from their use of unexpectedly morose and melodic riffs to their heavy use of atmosphere-enhancing keys and hypnotic chanting, ensure that the band’s sound frequently diverges down a very different path.

Black double LP housed in 350gsm gatefold covered by matte resistant lamination including an oversized 1380x350mm leporello and 8-page 12″ booklet.


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