BOLT THROWER - Concession Of Pain Demos CD

BOLT THROWER - Concession Of Pain Demos CD

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Easily the best thing to come out of England in the late 80s, Bolt Thrower took the best aspects of the grindcore of bands like Terrorizer and Napalm Death, combined them with the thrash and first wave death metal of the late 80s, down-tuned their guitars a bit more and got a death metal sound that had both crust and hardcore elements. So these early recordings from Bolt Thrower feels both dirty and gritty and even when it slows down it never loses its brutality. Concession Of Pain was the second Bolt Thrower demo and it was recorded in September of 1987 when Bolt Thrower was a four piece line-up, made up by founders Gavin Ward and Andy Whale as well as guitarist Barry Thomson and vocalist Alan West. The band then added bassist Jo Bench (one of the first female musicians to take part in an extreme metal group of any sort). Despite their material’s general inaccessibility, legendary BBC Radio1 DJ John Peel became an early supporter, hosting the group for various early sessions and helping to bolster their profile on their way to securing a record deal. After their first Peel Session in January of 1988 the band decided to replace Alan West with their van driver Karl Willetts, who soon proved himself a more than capable successor and served as the final necessary cog in the Bolt Thrower war machine. So after the Concession Of Pain demo on this album were treated with the 4-track Peel Session the band did on the 6th of November 1988, which was the first with Karl Willets on vocals. This would be the starting point and the band soon found themselves recording their debut album In Battle There Is No Law. It was a poorly produced album but some still saw it as the best English death metal album up to that point, but little did we know then that this band would return within just a year with an even better one, the mighty Realm Of Chaos.

Track list:
1. Concession Of Pain
2. Challenge Of Power
3. Forgotten Existence
4. In Battle There Is No Law
5. Psychological Warfare
6. Drowned In Torment-November 1988 Peel Session
7. Eternal War-November 1988 Peel Session
8. Realm Of Chaos-November 1988 Peel Session
9. Domination-November 1988 Peel Session

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