BLASPHEMY - Gods Of War + Blood Upon The Altar CD *

BLASPHEMY - Gods Of War + Blood Upon The Altar CD *

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Blasphemy are quite possibly the heaviest band ever to inhabit the world of metal. They do this by combining the best elements of black metal (morbid atmosphere, chaotic structuring and Satanic bluster), death metal (disharmonic instrumental prowess and vomited vocal assaults) and even grind (short, to-the-point songs and a general habit of not fucking around), and single-handedly created the monstrous subgenre known as War Metal. While the debut, Fallen Angel Of Doom, is in it's own right a vicious slab of hateful aggression, Gods Of War still stands as their definitive musical statement.Overall, this album is a sustained beating that takes no prisoners and contains absolutely zero filler. Unfortunately, it's only 20 minutes long. It's a good thing, then, that Osmose chose to tack the classic demo Blood Upon The Altar onto the disc - and also amusing that it takes up more than half the total playing time. This demo is more grounded in classic black metal than Gods Of War itself - the vocals and riffing are more obviously influenced by Bathory and Venom, while the drumming tends to be more streamlined and less blasting. These songs have several creepy keyboard/effect pieces here and there, while the production is raw as fuck but amazingly clear all the same.

Re-issue, complete new layout, 12 page booklet. Including the Blood Upon The Altar demo as bonus!

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