BAPTISM - Morbid Wings of Sathanas 2LP

BAPTISM - Morbid Wings of Sathanas 2LP

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The 2005 album of Baptism is the most curious of the 2020 reissues. The original 2005 vinyl LP was a single vinyl. On that release appeared bonus track not found on CD, yet one of the CD tracks did not appear on the vinyl. This 2020 double LP is the first time that all the tracks are included. Full CD and the former vinyl bonus. Besides this, there is a completely unheard and unreleased ”Morbid Wings of Sathanas” 7” session recorded February 2004! This recording was scheduled for Northern Heritage 16 years ago, but was buried in the vaults when Baptism decided to re-record the songs for other releases with a full line-up. On the 7” session, you will hear the most grim and morbid form of Baptism, full of primitive force, fierce recording sound and black desolation. In all its imperfection, the session presents closure of the old primitive era of band. Everything after that took giant leaps forward.

All the 1st press artwork and lyrics are included, but in slightly revised lay-out. The front cover xomes in its original color tone and more depth and detail can be experienced than on the former black & white versions.

Double black vinyl LP in gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves.

Northern Heritage 2020

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