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"Sorg is the debut album of the Danish black metal band Afsky, and it is a penetrating and devastating exploration of varying shades of sorrow. Unmistakably, the seven songs on Sorg plumb the dark waters of depressive black metal, yet Afsky does that in ways that often prove mesmerizing. The songs are built around evocative, memorable melodies that wear their strong emotions on their sleeves, some disturbing and some beautiful. The power ebbs and flows, and in the crescendos of intensity, Ole Luk uses his searing, acid-bathed voice to burn their messages into your brain like a red hot brand. Across the five songs on the album, Afsky continues to bring to the fore changing experiences of loss, longing, cauterizing emotional pain, and beleaguered perseverance. The music can be slow and stately one moment, and rampantly ferocious the next, almost majestic in its bleakness in some passages, and completely unhinged in others. What doesn’t change is the intense feeling and engrossing appeal of the songs’ melodic cores, which integrate some folk and doom inspirations as well as the traditions of classic black metal." nocleansinging

Ltd. clear vinyl, 300 made, with 20 pages booklet.

Vendetta Records 2018

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