ZEMIAL - For The Glory Of UR LP

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30 years after the band's inception in 1989 Essential Purification Records is proud to present the 30th anniversary vinyl edition of "For the Glory of UR"! Through these years, Zemial have consciously chosen to operate outside of the norm and mainstream, creating music that challenges and provokes established thought. Their "For the Glory of UR" album might be the one which stands out most. Originally released in 1996, this album combines the heavy tunes of blackest metal with the magic of ancient Sumer and Babylon and takes you back to the delightful days when this music wasn't a fashion thing. This is pure and uncompromising black metal that shouldn't be missed in any collection!

- heavy 180g black vinyl
- spectacular 6-panel fold-over cover
- die-cut
- golden embossing
- high-gloss finish
- specially mastered for this vinyl release by Patrick W. Engel/Temple of Disharmony

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