WÖMIT ANGEL - Sadopunk Finland MC

WÖMIT ANGEL - Sadopunk Finland MC

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Finnish blackened thrashers Wömit Angel unleash their fifth album, ‘Sadopunk Finland’.

Savaged by razor sharp riffing, thrashing guitar riffs flailing wildly and surrounded with bilious venom, ‘Sadopunk Finland’ is almost exactly what you’d expect it to be with a name like that. The rampant ‘Crushing Suffering’ is unbelievably catchy, but in a rotten STD style, with a snarling vocal and bloodied fingers tearing riffs from the ether. The punkish ‘Stürm Battalion’ gallops on a horse of war and death, while the surprisingly technical black metal firestorm of ‘Mouth of Darkness’ shows that Wömit Angel aren’t just a one dimensional killer. There’s a little bit more than you’d expect going on here, and it is remarkably crisp and sharp as well. A lot of modern blackened thrash go for the ‘Destruction/Sodom/Bathory demo’ esque production and lose a lot of their sound in murk. Not Wömit Angel; they keep it clear and clinical through to the end of the surprisingly atmospheric ‘The Grey Mother’.

‘Sadopunk Finland’ is a fun, filthy romp through some really well executed blackened thrash, where the riffs and musicianship take precedent over an inauthentic sense of atmosphere. There’s plenty of darkness here but Wömit Angel’s work carves deep wounds into it with their songs. Prepare to be eviscerated. - The Killchain

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