WEREGOAT - The Devil's Lust MCD

WEREGOAT - The Devil's Lust MCD

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A ruthless new chapter of bestial blackened death-thrashing carnage from these blasphemous masters of the extreme arts. Primitive, merciless and unfaltering. This is unapologetic and furious, the way Metal should be.

Enticing artwork from the master, Rok, makes this blundering opus even more of a feast for the senses and thankfully the untamed music of the feral Weregoat trio does not fall short. With 5 years since their last album (except for a live album), the wait has been worth it as we see a band retain all of the fierce and rabid lycanthropy from their earlier releases while forging forth with gadarene excitement. Remaining stoic to the forefathers of bestial Black/Death Metal without stealing their identities, Weregoat are one of the prime candidates in carrying the flag for this hostile movement, this EP showing that it is in safe hands. Perverse, unwelcoming, volatile and most of all, utterly savage, there is no denying the sheer and unwavering extremity on display here. An excellent new opus of diabolic delights that will cleanse your body and spirit of any holiness while cleaving your skull apart with its sheer brutality.

- Jewelcase CD

- 8 page Booklet on 170gsm Art Paper

- Limited to 500 copies

Iron Bonehead Prod. 2022

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