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Venusberg Cardinal’s Atlas of Dungeons was recorded winter 2010—the same sessions as Departure Chandelier’s Antichrist Rise to Power and was intended as a brother project exploring medieval and ancient tortures depicted across such paintings as The Garden of Earthly Delights and the doom of pre-Raphaelite Greek mythology in what the band describes as “antique black metal.” Originally set for release as a cassette album, this has been pulled from the archives of Occult Antiquities and presented to judged souls now under the banner of NWN! Productions. Musically in line with French black metal influences, Atlas of Dungeons pays special tribute and honors the perverse satanic cruelty, in particular of Cantus Bestiae. Despite using the same 4-track, drums, and guitars as Departure Chandelier in the now fabled Prisoner’s Chant studio, listeners will find a pure minimalist black metal atmosphere devoid of synth with long, hypnotic instrumental passages—until the alarming and eerie outro that features the previously unknown electronic/ambient peripheral of Departure Chandelier…Coronation Prédateur. Welcome, sinners, to the world of Occult Antiquities and antique black metal!

  • First press of 500 copies
  • 3mm jacket with spot UV gloss
  • 180 gram vinyl

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