TUSMØRKE - Ført Bak Lyset CD

TUSMØRKE - Ført Bak Lyset CD

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The Norwegian lords of dark psychedelic folk prog return! Tusmørke´s third album is a stone cold killer. These songs turn heavy metal wallflowers into dancing nymphs and satyrs. The group explore ancient folk lore of Oslo, the spheres on the far side of death and space and the pathless lands off the beaten track. Ført Bak Lyset means “led behind the light”; follow Tusmørke through the falling dusk and disappear in the night, reappearing at dawn with weird wisdom and strange leaves in your hair. The lavish analogue production of Lars Fredrik Frøislie sets vintage synthesizers at the forefront of a sound dominated by infectious grooves and lashings of flute. For lovers of Turkish 70s psychedelic funk, Black Widow and (old) NRK.

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