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The Swedish masters of eerie harmonies and dark rituals are back with their second aural bane, which is an EP consisting of 4 songs. The band's debut album "World Destruction" (2010) was strong, but the material of "Shadows" is maximally bewitching and astonishing. It blends the best moments of Johan "Reaper" Norman transposed from his past heritage (Satanized, Decameron, Dissection and Soulreaper) and being extrapolated to a newer, yet darker dimension.

The EP's 22 minutes create a cold arcane atmosphere that has to do with plenty of ultra-melodic guitar harmonies, harsh screams and constantly changing drum motifs. All this you should imagine in an extreme form, where black metal and death metal meet and unite.

Digipack MCD.

War Anthem 2015

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