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The boundary-defying debut album from Snorre Ruch, with Satyr (vocals), Aldrahn (vocals) and Hellhammer (drums).

Thorns was the band’s debut (and only, thus far) full-length studio album. It was released in 2001 and is a cult slice of highly-individual Norwegian Black Metal - including experimental and Industrial influences along with synth passages - that offers a chilling yet clinical slice of extremity.

Originally formed in 1989 by mastermind Snorre Ruch, Marius Vold, and Bård Faust (Emperor), Norwegian band Thorns has inspired a great number of acts such as Satyricon, Mayhem, Dissection, and Emperor, mainly due to Snorre’s highly influential style of playing & creating riffs on the early Thorns demo tapes. So impressed was Euronymous of Mayhem, that Snorre became second guitarist in the band for a while & his riffs were used in classic Mayhem tracks.

Thorns was notable for featuring Satyr of Satyricon on vocals, a duty shared between songs with the vocal talent of Aldrahn (ex-Dødheimsgard) & the recording line-up also featured Hellhammer of Mayhem on drums. The outcome was a unique & original album which is today considered a cult classic release by critics.

Presented on single black vinyl, including printed inner sleeve with lyrics.

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