TEITANBLOOD - The Baneful Choir LP

TEITANBLOOD - The Baneful Choir LP

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Over the course of 11 songs and 52 minutes Teitanblood run the listener through a gauntlet of sonic terrors that range from blood-freezing ambient collages to equally blood-freezing assaults of unmitigated violence, with episodes of methodical, crushing power and queasy, narcotic hallucination sprinkled in between. Cruel buzzing chords and freakish, tortured arpeggios combine to create sickening harmonies, eruptions of lunatic frenzy, and pulsations of disease vectors spreading like wildfire. The drummer delivers gigantic booming tones that go off like bombs, batters like a pneumatic human pile-driver, and gallops like hell-horses in harness goaded by the whip. The vocalist channels shrieking horrors and sadistic tyranny. The sound is dense and abrading, geared toward unsettling the senses and implanting ruinous visions of mayhem and madness in the mind.
The band achieve heights of chaotic mauling and incendiary insanity that are breathtaking, with crazed, spit-fire solos spurting from the surrounding percussive tumult and vocal monstrosities like lightning-fast apparitions in the midst of twisting tornadoes. Were it not for the changing drum patterns, tempo shifts, and the subtle rhythms of blaring, defiant chords and flesh-razoring riffs, some of the more maniacal songs (and honestly, most of them are maniacal) would risk careening off the rails and transforming into an avalanche of wreckage. Droning tones, tolling bells, infernal chants, void-like shimmerings, and cacophonies of other unnameable sounds also create breaks in the black/death warfare. Those interstitial experiences are, of course, nightmarish. They create unearthly spacings between the aural cauldrons of boiling poison and the whirlwinds of cyclonic destruction, but provide no real reprieve from the album’s determined assault on sanity. Similarly, the band pick their moments to slow down and create moods of ghastly oppression and morbid hopelessness, but that provides no relief either — you’re still running the terrible gauntlet Teitanblood have made for you. [nocleansinging]

This LP comes with a printed innersleeve and a 12 page booklet.
Cover by Ketola
Booklet and Innersleeve by Dávid Glomba - Teitanarts

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