SPIRE - Metamorph MLP

SPIRE - Metamorph MLP

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Hailing from the fertile Australian black metal scene, Spire erects slow-churning towers of misery and decay, hauntingly clouded with cavernous drones and otherworldly tones, and intermittent explosions of gnarly, coruscating grimness. The band's 'Metamorph,' originally released on CD in 2011 by Art of Propaganda, introduced Spire to the international black metal scene; the fortunate few who discovered it prized the release as a true cult classic. Now, while Spire lurks in the shadows planning their next psychic assault, Iron Bonehead steps in to unleash this cosmic monstrosity on vinyl - a format fitting for the organic slime Metamorph oozes. Transformation and transcendence begins now...

- 300gsm Jacket On Coated Stock With Matt Machine Varnish
- 140g Black Vinyl
- 4x Insert On 250gsm Cardboard With Matt Machine Varnish
- Limited To 500 Copies

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