SLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Cursed to the Pyre LP

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It becomes clear that there has been a huge evolution as early as 30 seconds into “Cursed to the Pyre”, the debut full-length of deadly thrashers Slaughter Messiah. Having channelled their primal instincts with simple yet effective fare on two demos and three EPs in less than ten years, the band sounds peculiarly sophisticated on their first album while maintaining every bit of their trademark aggression and – maybe distinctly? – Belgian blackness. It is fair to say that the four-piece easily manages to set itself apart from the largely faceless pack that flooded the scene in recent day by tacking familiar archaisms to stunningly complex compositions in order to create something that sounds as extreme as it is original. Grinding and ploughing, crawling and pummeling in all the right places yet never swerving one inch from pure and uncompromising metal of death!

2nd pressing, black vinyl, ltd 150, insert

High Roller Records

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