SHED THE SKIN - The Forbidden Arts CD

SHED THE SKIN - The Forbidden Arts CD

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SHED THE SKIN is a Satanic old-school death metal juggernaut, created by scene pioneers Kyle Severn (Incantation, Acheron) and Matt Sorg (Ringworm, Blood of Christ). After playing a successful memorial show to fallen friend and bandmate Tom Rojack of Cleveland’s own Blood of Christ, the seed was sown. Never forgetting Tom’s amazing talent, musicianship, and contributions to the Satanic metal of the early '90s, Matt and Kyle chose to renew that in SHED THE SKIN, aptly named after a Blood of Christ tune.
Efforts and talent merged as SHED THE SKIN began forging their rare form of Satanic death metal, via their debut full-length, 2016's Harrowing Faith and the follow-up; 2018's We of Scorn.
The third SHED THE SKIN album, The Forbidden Arts is a testament of their talent and dedication to making Satanic death: relentless as the material they play, and so is the effort to create 11 new tracks plus a hidden cover from Matt’s 1990s band From the Depths, a tribute to their original vocalist, Cleveland’s own Jim Konya (RIP). Arguably the band's strongest material yet, The Forbidden Arts is also SHED THE SKIN's most varied work to date, including a more pronounced emphasis on haunting synth touches. But rest assured that this is still 100% SATANIC DEATH as they intended from day one - no compromise, no quarter, no wimping out. Just look no further than the cover art: another unforgettable work courtesy of James Bulloch, where the priest has indeed finally shed his skin!

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