SATYRICON - Satyricon & Munch Digibook CD

SATYRICON - Satyricon & Munch Digibook CD

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Satyricon & Munch showcases two of the most known Norwegian artists, Edvard Munch and SATYRICON, combined in one groundbreaking piece of art, breaking the boundaries between high culture and black metal music. The new music, created by SATYRICON mastermind Satyr, is written in the shape of a so-called musical work, it is 56 minutes long and transcends any genre barriers. The new, astonishing and critically acclaimed art exhibition of the same title is on display at the MUNCH museum in Oslo until August 28, 2022. The musical work is available in album format on June 10, 2022 in digital format and in physical formats to follow.

Digibook CD.

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