ROOT - Black Seal CD

ROOT - Black Seal CD

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Official reissue of the Czech cult band's 2001 album Black Seal!

The granddaddy of all that is extreme, Eastern European dark metal, Root are an occult underground enigma that should have never been underestimated. Hailing from the Czech Republic and often being credited with influencing Rotting Christ, Therion, Anathema, and most notably Moonspell, Root return with a naturally solid effort, Black Seal being their sixth release in an illustrious career spanning much over a decade. With Black Seal, Root take a harder, more calculated approach to the music, creating swift heaving power chords and intricate progressions, creating a more "power metal" feel than the lush darkened undertones of past. But what gives this band its true identity is the vocals of Big Boss. With one of the most unique voices in metal, Big Boss once again caresses and triumphs in an eerie pompous manner that lures and summons. Still though, even though this is a slight change of direction, musically, for the band, Root still uphold their untouchable uniqueness. - Brave Words

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