RAZOR - Violent Restitution LP (GREY/RED)

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1988, the year when the popularity of thrash reached peaks with an enormous pile of legendary records released during a period of splendor and brilliance. It was also the year when Canadian thrashers Razor put out their most acclaimed work, Violent Restitution, the last recording featuring the charismatic singer Stace McLaren. These guys had recorded already solid material before, particularly Evil Invaders and Malicious Intent included a bunch of classics, though it wasn’t until this album came out when their sound definitely became truly distinctive and totally thrashy (in the beginning they were rather a primitive speed metal act). In contrast with the class, complexity and melody people like Heathen, Toxik, Meliah Rage or Agent Steel incorporated to the subgenre, the essence of these titles is still as straight, unpolished and raw as the mid-80’s early thrash. In conclusion, here’s one of the jewels of Canadian thrash, Razor’s finest hour, a cult album that will undoubtedly satisfy those who enjoy aggressive fierce music.

Reissue, grey/ red bi-color split vinyl, ltd 200, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster, mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel/ Temple of Disharmony

High Roller Records 2021

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