PRIMORDIAL - Spirit The World Aflame LP

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Primordial's development took a great leap forward with Spirit The World Aflame, which is arguably their greatest work to date. The band showcase a mixed black and doom metal sound on the album; with more of a focus on the latter. Its a good mix of what once was and what is to come as we see Primordial's progression as a band through the utilization of many doom elements such as long, drawn out sections and a stronger clean vocal line throughout. To top it off, folk and Celtic passages weave their way in and out, creating many more nuances one can pick up on upon repeated listens.While their first two albums already showed them testing the typical black metal sound by throwing in suprises, it's on Spirit The Earth Aflame where the pieces truely begin fitting together for Primodial. It is one of their heavier outings but has more than enough variation for it to be lauded by many as their quintessential album. The darkness, melancholy and sadness is portrayed in such convincing fashion that you feel yourself drifting along with them on their journey of leaving this world behind in search of another, in a different place and time.

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