POISONOUS - Perdition's Den CD

POISONOUS - Perdition's Den CD

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One of the best death metal albums coming from Brazilian soil in recent years, Poisonous' Perdition's Den is a barbaric, blood-soaked juggernaut of darkest death metal energy. The quartet's nearly chaotic crush hearkens back to the classic works of countrymen Sarcofago, Vulcano, and very early Sepultura yet equally twists 'n' turns with a subterranean dread not unlike Unaussprechlichen Kulten and Dead Congregation. Not for nothing was this monument immediately hailed upon its original release as a new classic of timeless-meets-modern death metal.
Reissue with a completely renewed layout by André Coelho and illustrations by Gustave Doré, including two bonus tracks taken from the 2014 split LP with Daemonic, Death Apparitions of the Damned Souls.

Caverna Abismal Records 2017

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