NUCLEAR WINTER - Abomination Virginborn 7"EP

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“Abomination Virginborn” is the most important Greek demo of the 00’s. It also is the recording that put Greek death metal on the map of the international underground, paving the way for the DEAD CONGREGATION phenomenon.

It comprises three timeless songs of dark, old-school death metal, soaked in the underground vibes of that era, and more specifically those emanating from Sweden. Indeed, NW were in contact and osmosis with the Swedish scene and bands such as Kaamos, Repugnant, Revokation, Insision (some of them have had releases on Nuclear Winter Records, the label of the band’s mastermind Anastasis Valtsanis).

However, the strongest link with the Swedish scene is the contribution of renowned underground artist Timo Ketola who, being a close friend of the band, has contributed not only the artwork but also the uncanny lyrics.

‘Abomination Virginborn’ is Nuclear Winter’s final chapter, Old School Death Metal written and recorded in 2003. Featuring A.V. (guitars / vocals) and V.V. (drums) who went to form Dead Congregation after this recording. All artwork and lyrics done by the late Timo Ketola.

Black vinyl, 250 copies pressed.

Martyrdoom Productions 2021

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