NIGHT - Soldiers Of Time LP

NIGHT - Soldiers Of Time LP

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“Classic” Heavy Metal is an odd term, to some it conjures up images of IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and other NWOBHM bands. To others it probably means a bunch of middle aged men trying to regain some passion from their youth. Thankfully NIGHT sit firmly within the former.
Opener “Waiting for the Time” sets the tone for the remaining 50 or so minutes. It is easy on the ears whilst still have an ability to draw you in, to make you hang from every word. Galloping guitar riffs and some of the most powerful vocals to hit the scene in recent memory make this formula one to mold and develop into future releases.
Even the acoustic guitar work here is something different. Whilst many bands tend to write a simple chord progression with a few lyrics strung together, instead we have “Towards the Sky” a fully fledged track that could easily have been released as a single. It also mixes in almost a folk song driven edge, in both a musical sense and also in the lyrical content.
Not only do we have more varied musical ideas than an acoustic track, the follow up “Secret War” wouldn't sound out of place on a JUDAS PRIEST album, nor would it sound out of place on any number of more modern bands. Such as AIRBOURNE, and to an extent TURBOWOLF.
NIGHT are in essence the best of both worlds, the powerful vocal abilities of times gone by, meshed the songwriting and access to multiples genres that the modern world enjoys. From the moment you hit play, NIGHT are able to infect you with cheesy goodness that makes this album a damn fine guilty pleasure. You’ll need lazer lights, skin tight jeans, a lighter in one hand and multiple layers of denim for the full effect though. (Metal Temple)

Black vinyl. Includes cd, poster, printed inner sleeve & digital download.

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