NECROMANTIA / VARATHRON - The Black Arts / The Everlasting Sins LP

NECROMANTIA / VARATHRON - The Black Arts / The Everlasting Sins LP

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Absolutely legendary split LP reissued in a limited deluxe vinyl edition!

The Black Arts/The Everlasting Sins was originally released on LP in 1992. It's also one of the most formative and important releases in all of the Greek pantheon, despite the divided attentions one might suspect from any such pair of artists. In particular, Necromantia's 'side' of the split is the most eerie and accommodating material they've written in their career; Varathron's contribution is worthwhile, and some of their best, but the first half hour of this album is about as good as the black metal scene has ever been from this country, and you should track it down at all costs if you've even the faintest interest in this scene.

This serves better than almost any other recording in its field as an introduction to what Greek black metal was all about. Perhaps you could purchase this and Thy Mighty Contract and receive a more complete perspective, but it would also stand alone. The crude demo-level production works admirably in both cases, and the compositions reek of refreshing imagination and even a tinge of innovation. There's a bit of redundancy, sure, like "Lord of the Abyss" appearing on Crossing the Fiery Path, but most won't have easy access to the demo recordings that comprise most of its play length.

Ltd. 700x black vinyl LP in gatefold cover featuring the original cover art. Comes with a silver hotfoil embossed slipcase and insert

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