MYSTRUIN - Gånget Äro Ljuset LP

MYSTRUIN - Gånget Äro Ljuset LP

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Mystruin unleashes pure black metal savagery. The riffs sound like a buzzsaw revving in the red zone, or a swarm of titanic hornets. The drumming is furious — and technically very impressive. The vocals are frighteningly venomous. But the music isn’t a non-stop storm. Before the song ends, it drops down into a few doom-drenched dirges. The music has a very heavy low end, which enhances the apocalyptic quality of the melody. Ravaging stuff, and very well-executed.

Vinyl version released by Amor Fati Productions under license of Lamech Records.
180 g heavy black vinyl, limited to 500x copies + 12-page booklet!

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