MISANTHROPIC RAGE - Hallucinatory Phenomena CD

MISANTHROPIC RAGE - Hallucinatory Phenomena CD

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Utterly twisted and devious black metal with a deeply unnerving and nihilistic vibe coursing through it is what this talented Polish trio offers. Demented vocals and sulphurous riffs that are caustic and morbid as fuck guide the listener through a maze of vile, unholy soundscapes that could only have been spawned in a place (or mental state of being) most foul and abhorrent. With its crushing atmosphere and uniquely dark aura, this slithering mass of oppressive metal is well-played, cleverly written, creative, and efficient with respect to conjuring up a lurking sense of dread and despair. Intense is the keyword to this impressive slab of dissonant yet strangely catchy brew that is somewhat progressive and avantgarde-sounding in nature. I would not have minded heavier and crunchier guitars but the record is powerful in more ways than one.

There is nothing straightforward or run of the mill about “Hallucinatory Phenomena”, and it is a deeply satisfying listening experience and a vivid musical portrait of the horrors and depravity of mankind. - Eternal Terror

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